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HEALTHY EATS: Make Breakfast Part Of Your Morning Routine for OK Magazine

CLICK HERE to check out the article that I wrote for OK Magazine online highlighting the importance of eating a healthy breakfast. The article includes 5 simple healthy breakfast ideas!


As the dietitian at The Biggest Loser Resort in Malibu, CA., this opportunity offers great experience and continued growth for SN health design.


The SN health design method is intended to provide safe and healthy strategies for clients to achieve their dietary goals. SN health design will work with you to design a healthy dietary lifestyle that is both realistic and manageable based on your specific nutritional needs.
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In addition to working hard and winning in every training session, SN health design's approach emphasizes on winning with nutrition. The balance between sports and nutrition is vital for success and achieving personal goals. This involves eating the right foods at the right times, and choosing the best foods based on the needs of the individual. 
SN health design is interested in helping both regular individuals and athletes learn how to eat, learn what to eat, and learn when to eat. This is especially important in working with endurance athletes who require certain foods and nutrients before, during, and after exercise. SN health design emphasizes eating right for better performance, increased energy, being healthy, and for overall well being. The goals for the athletes that SN health design works with include: training better, building muscle, increased agility and strength, speed and explosiveness, and the ability to compete at the highest level.
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