How to avoid the extra holiday weight

The average American gains an extra 5-10 pounds over the holiday season. Don’t be average!
Here are 15 ways to avoid the extra weight: 
1. Eat a Healthy Snack before leaving the house you will be less likely to reach for the unhealthy holiday snacks.
2. Party with a plan assess the buffet and determine what and how much you will eat.
3. Bring a dish make a healthy contribution to the holiday feast.
4. Hover over the veggie tray position yourself in area of the healthiest food options.
5. Do NOT skip meals if you arrive to the party hungry, you WILL overeat.
6. Employ the ‘plate method’ allow vegetables to take up 1/2 of your plate, and fill the rest with protein and carbs.
7. Cut off the fat trim the fat off of your favorite holiday meat. Each tablespoon of fat equals about 100 calories. 
8. Regular routine yes it is the holidays, a time of many parties and gatherings. Don’t let it ruin your routine, continue to eat well and exercise. 
9. Be positive keep your eyes on the prize. If you happen to overindulge, get back on track ASAP!
10. Find an alcohol alternative if you must drink, alternate between your favorite drink and water. Remember: alcohol calories add up fast!
11. The 25% Rule fill your plate if you must, but leave behind 25% of what you started with. No need to renew your membership to the clean plate club over the holidays.
12. Savor enjoy every bite, eat slowly. Give your body a chance to tell you that you are full before you overeat. 
13. Quality over Quantity be a food snob, eat what you like in modest portions. Don’t feel like you have to eat everything in sight. Holiday parties and gatherings are not eating competitions. 
14. Desserts pick the option with fruit and remember to eat modest portions. 
15. Be the Life of the Party you will be less concerned with all of the holiday indulgences if you are mingling, dancing, or karaoke-ing!